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Battery for Toshiba C50 C55 C70 L50 (2200 mAh)

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Battery for Toshiba C50 C55 C70 L50High quality at a reasonable price, safety and ecology are the features of MITSU batteries, which have already been appreciated by thousands of Europeans, mainly in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is the result of combining the best components with attention to every stage of the production process, supported by constant quality control, as well as the emphasis on device security. MITSU is:

  • High class, proven, class A lithium-ion ecological cells
  • Actual capacity declared
  • Significantly slower decline in nominal capacity compared to other cheaper alternatives
  • Low susceptibility to spontaneous discharge
  • No memory effect
  • Factory protection against overcharging and deep discharging, as well as against overvoltage OVP, overheating OTP, short circuit SCP and overload OCP
  • Reliable and long-lasting between each charging cycle
  • 6-step quality control

By buying this battery for your laptop, you can also be sure that you care for the environment at the same time. The manufacturer works closely with organizations dealing in broadly understood environmental education, supporting selective collection and maximum waste recovery.MITSU batteries are products with CE, ROHS and ISO9001 certificates.

Tootja Mitsu
Tootekood BC/TO-C55
EAN 5903050371531
Google link lisainfo
Garantiiaeg 24 kuud
.: Üldised andmed :.
Ühilduvad tooted Toshiba L50-B-14P, L50-B-180, L50-B-18H, L50-B-1CZ, L50-B-1GV, L50-B-1GW, L50-B-1H1, L50-B-1H6, L50-B-1HH, L50-B-1HK, L50-B-1NQ, L50-B-1TX, L50-B-1W1, L50-B-1WJ, L50-B-212, L50-B-2D4, L50-B-2D5, L50-B-2D8, L50-B-2E4, L50-B-2G9,  seria Satellite C50, C50-A X0012, C50-A-002, C50-A-01T, C50-A-02T, C50-A-12T, C50-A-14G, C50-A-153, C50-A-156, C50-A-157, C50-A-15D, C50-A-15T, C50-A-15V, C50-A-16F, C50-A-17Q, C50-A-180, C50-A-182, C50-A-182NL, C50-A-19T, C50-A-19U, C50-A-1F5, C50-A-1G6, C50-A-1J0, C50-A-1JU, C50-A004, C50-A006, C50-A012, C50-A013, C50-A014, C50-A245, C50-ABT2N11, C50-ABT2N12, C50-ASMBNX1, C50-ASMBNX2, C50-ASMBNX3, C50-AST2NX1, C50-AST2NX2, C50-AST2NX3, C50-B, C50-B-00C, C50-B-00M, C50-B-01C, C50-B-021, C50-B-02Y, C50-B-10P, C50-B-118, C50-B-11D, C50-B-12M, C50-B-138, C50-B-13F, C50-B-13R, C50-B-13V, C50-B-13W, C50-B-13X, C50-B-13Z, C50-B-147, C50-B-148, C50-B-149, C50-B-14C, C50-B-14D, C50-B-14M, C50-B-14N, C50-B-14Z, C50-B-152, C50-B-15W, C50-B-16T, C50-B-16U, C50-B-17H, C50-B-185, C50-B-190, C50-B-IIL, C50-B031D, C50-B03E, C50A X0012, C50A14G, C50A156, C50A157, C50D, C50D-A-10K, C50D-A-10M, C50D-A-11G, C50D-A-11L, C50D-A-126, C50D-A-126NL, C50D-A-12R, C50D-A-12T, C50D-A-133, C50D-A-134, C50D-A-13U, C50D-ABT2N11, C50D-AST2NX1, C50D-B, C50D-B-10C, C50D-B-10L, C50D-B-10N, C50D-B-111, C50D-B-119, C50D-B-11M, C50D-B-11N, C50D-B-11Q, C50D-B-11T, C50D-B-11U, C50D-B-13M, C50D-B-14H, C50DT-A-103, C50DT-B-105, C50T-B, C55, C55-A-11X, C55-A-14G, C55-A-16Z, C55-A-195, C55-A-1CG, C55-A-1D5, C55-A-1D7, C55-A-1DC, C55-A-1H9, C55-A-1J2, C55-A-1LL, C55-A-1N0, C55-A-1N5, C55-A-1N8, C55-A-1N9, C55-A-1ND, C55-A-1P6, C55-A-1P7, C55-A-1PC, C55-A-1TX, C55-A-1UP, C55-A5300, C55-B5100, C55-B5170, C55-B5202B, C55-B5270D, C55-B5296, C55-B5298, C55-B5299, C55-B5300, C55-B5300B, C55-B5302, C55-B5353, C55-B5355, C55-C-13Q, C55-C-13R, C55-C-13W, C55-C-14M, C55-C-14Q, C55-C-151, C55-C-1CT, C55-C-1CU, C55-C-1GJ, C55-C-1GR, C55-C-1GT, C55-C-1LJ, C55-C-1LU, C55D, C55D-A-125, C55D-A-13U, C55D-A-15E, C55D-A-15P, C55D-A5240NR, C55D-A5382, C55D-A5392, C55D-B, C55D-B5206, C55D-B5214, C55D-B5219, C55D-B5242, C55D-B5244, C55D-B5308, C55D-B5310, C55D-C-125, C55D-C-13L, C55D-C-13M, C55D-C-13N, C55D-C-150, C55D-C-15F, C55D-C-163, C55D-C-169, C55DA13U, C55DA5240NR, C55DB5242, C55DB5244, C55DT, C55T, C55T-B, C55T-B5109, C55T-B5110, L50-B-145, L50-B-14L, L50-B-14M, L50-B-14P, L50-B-15U, L50-B-180, L50-B-18H, L50-B-1DK, L50-B-1G9, L50-B-1GV, L50-B-1H6, L50-B-1HH, L50-B-1JU, L50-B-1PW, L50-B-1TX, L50-B-1W1, L50-B-1WC, L50-B-1WJ, L50-B-1X5, L50-B-212, L50-B-23M, L50-B-2D4, L50-B-2D5, L50-B-2E4, L50-B-2G9, L50-B-LK6, L55, L55-B5276, L55D, S50-B-14P, S50-B-15N, S50-B-15T, S50T-B-10H, 
.: Aku & Toiteallikas :.
Aku mahutavus 2200
.: Kaal ja mõõtmed :.
Mõõtmed (l x s x k) 277 x 29.5 x 21.5 mm
Toote kaal 208
.: Pakendi sisu :.
Tarvikud kaasa arvatud Battery User manual Warranty Card
Muud andmed
Replaces batteries PA5184U-1BRS PA5185U-1BRS PA5186U-1BRS PA5195U-1BRS
No. of battery cells 4
Voltage 14.4 keskonnast ostetud toodetele pakume järgnevaid kättesaamise ja kohaletoimetamise viise.

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Condor OÜ kesklattu

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  • E-R kella 10-18
  • L kella 10-15
  • P suletud

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